2 for 20 deal


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Terms and conditions:

2 for 20 dollar nasi lemak fried chicken offer only applicable to nasi lemak fried chicken traditional , nasi lemak fried chicken kerabu, nasi lemak fried chicken kelantan only. Valid for when purchase is between 3pm - 5pm (Mon - Fri). Limit of 2 of the “2 for 20 deal” nasi lemak fried chicken sambal variety, per customer per transaction. Only available to redeem in store. Offer available while stocks last and valid Monday to Friday between 3pm - 5pm only from 18/6/18 until 18/7/18. The date and time of promotion will only go by clock located in store in carlton. No meal swap or credit allowed. Any extras will be charged per standard menu pricing. 

Nasi Lemak Cake by Nasi Lemak House

Nasi Lemak Cake for the real nasi lemak lovers.

Nasi Lemak Cake for the real nasi lemak lovers.

Our nasi lemak cake is made with all the essential ingredients you will find in our nasi lemak, hard boiled eggs, sambal, coconut rice, anchovies, peanuts. Perfect for celebrations, events and family gatherings.

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